Feb. 19th, 2011

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Students at the University of Puerto Rico has been protesting since last year over an $800 tuition fee increase that will make it impossible for tons of their current and prospective classmates to continue their college education. And yet, in spite of widespread protest, government crackdowns of cruel proportions, a whole lot of bleeding, and general dramatics, news coverage of this event has remained sporadic and cursory. There we are and continue to be, panting of revolutions and divers protestation in foreign lands including Thailand, Bahrain, Iran, Egypt etc, and yet, although Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, mainland news media throughly ignores the whole thing. Last year the governor went so far as to take down the University gates and order the occupation of the University by armed police officers, in order to stop any 'leftist activism' on the campus. ACLU Update of Events. You'd think that clear constitutional violation would merit a great many screaming headlines, but nope. One wonders why that is? In May 2010 this article was published when the student demonstrations were getting underway: Student protest in Puerto Rico, but where is the news coverage? The questions she asks there are distressingly current today. I have to search very very diligently to get the few articles I present here:

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