Apr. 4th, 2011

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List of Anti-Choice MPs - 2011

The first table shows totals of MPs who are anti-choice (from each party), pro-choice, or unknown - with comparisons just after the 2008 election and now.

The second, long table is a list of known anti-choice Members of Parliament as of April 3, 2011.

The table includes lists of people who opposed the Order of Canada for abortion-rights crusader Dr Henry Morgantaler; those who supported Bill C-484, the so-called "unborn victims of crime" act; and those who supported Bill C-510, "Roxanne's Law", or an act to make it illegal to coerce a pregnant woman to abort.

(Bill C-484 was ludicrous because under Canadian law killing a fetus by killing the mother wouldn't result in additional jail time, it was just an excuse to work a fetal-personhood law in. Bill C-510 is allegedly about preventing abuse of women, which is, I suppose, why the same government that proposed it keeps cutting funding to abuse prevention programs. Also, reproductive coercion usually goes towards forcing people to get pregnant against their will.)


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