May. 3rd, 2011

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WARNING: This post is...upsetting. Humanity continues to be...shitty.

So I saw this ad, from the World Food Programme:

UN World Food Programme: We Feed people

And I wondered WTF and who on earth thought corn-soybean mush was a good idea. That shit ain't healthy, not by a long shot!

And then. I saw this.

2010: NEED TO KNOW | The silent epidemic of malnutrition | PBS incoherent with RAGE. This. is. bullshit. I am sorry but not only can we do SO MUCH BETTER (less fucking wars and weapons. More nutritious freaking FOOD. And don't TELL ME the US spends too much on foreign aid, we spend less than one percent. LESS THAN ONE PERCENT. We can do Less tax cuts for the wealthy, and drop less million dollar bombs AND MAKE THE CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FUCKING TAXES.) Also? Where the fuck are the rest of the world? Europe? The oil-rich states? Canada? What the fuck is this??? And I am not blaming the World Food Programme at all, because they have to take what they get and they are chronically underfunded. But countries of the world? This is NOT OK. NOT. OK. We can do SO MUCH BETTER. WTF is this???



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