Jan. 25th, 2011

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Three dead in Egypt protests:Tear gas used to disperse thousands of demonstrators in central Cairo after a day of protests against the government. Video @ link And yes, they are emulating the Tunisian overthrow of their government. Twitter has been blocked in Egypt. Global Voices has more right here

In pictures, [Egypt's] day of anger

Meantime, protests are ongoing in Tunisia: Bid to defuse Tunisia tensions:Protesters vow to continue sit-in outside government offices for as long as it takes to topple the ministry.

And in Lebanon: Rage follows Lebanon PM nomination:Saad Hariri's supporters lash out after the nomination of Lebanon's new PM, the Hezbollah-backed Najib Mikati.

And Puerto Rican Students continue to fight the good fight against privatization of education. They have been doing this since early last year, and deserve all the solidarity, news spreading and general support that they can get.Puerto Rican students continue to strike after their agreements with the government in July were almost immediately invalidated. They have been continuing to raise holy fucking hell since last year: Puerto Rico Student Strike Intensifies, Public Education and Civil Rights at Stake And media blackout has been shameful. The 4th estate in America is elitist corporate owned claptrap, and has been for a LONG LONG time, just to reiterate. You don't need government censorship when you've got the corporations to do it for you:/

meantime, in Britain, disability activists are rallying the troops against the steep steep cuts to disability services courtesy of the Tory government:

Yesterday there was a National Day of Protest, reports on how that went @ thecommune.uk atos don’t give a tos: protests against welfare cuts and righttowork.org.uk National Protest Against Benefit Cuts

And in the US too, disability advocates are protesting steep steep cuts Small group protests over possible Medicaid cuts: Grass roots activists say cuts could force disabled people into institutions

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