Feb. 1st, 2011

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I like Al- Jazeera's name for the Uprising coverage Revolt on the Nile.

Here's the Al Jazeera Livestream

I've been following [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political> for the most part because tey've got so many people that they can put together a great list of resources for watching all this unfold. Here's a couple of items that caught my eye.

Over a million people have taken to Egypt's streets to demand Mubarak's resignation

More than a million protesters flooded into central Cairo, turning Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital, into a sea of humanity as massive protests against President Hosni Mubarak swept across Middle East's most populous nation.

Packed shoulder to shoulder in and around the famed Tahrir Square, the mass of people on Tuesday held aloft posters denouncing the president, and chanted slogans "Go Mubarak Go" and "Leave! Leave! Leave!"

Similar demonstrations calling on Mubarak to step down were also witnessed across other cities, including Sinai, Alexandria, Suez, Mansoura, Damnhour, Arish, Tanta and El-Mahalla el-Kubra.

Tens of thousands marched in Alexandria while the number of those protesting in Sinai was estimated to be around 250,000.

Tuesday's protests were by far the biggest since street demonstrations broke out against Mubarak's rule last week.

"The crowd is very diverse - young, old, religious, men, women - and growing by the minute," Al Jazeera's online producer said from Tahrir Square.

"They're chanting the same slogans they've been chanting all week. Someone actually hung an effigy of Mubarak from a streetlight."MORE

They will not leave until he leaves.
The opposition says that there will be no talks till he leaves

As usual, Western corporations are right in the middle of the oppressive tactics used by the Egyptians against their people. The weapons that the police were using against the protesters were US made. Now comes word of:

One US company;s role in helping Egypt shut down its internet

US UK companies help shut down Egypt's Internet

As per usual, we Westerners have happily made money on oppression. Don't worry though Western populations. The programmes will be tested on those people over there...and then they will come home to us, sooner or later.

Meantime Mideast stations are circumventing Egypt's attempt to block Al-Jazeera's content

They are:
In response to the regime's persistent attempts at censorship, at least seven Arabic-language television stations throughout the region are now carrying Al-Jazeera content on the air. They are: Al-Hiwar, Al-Jadeed, Al-Karama, Suheil, NBN, Adan, Al-Aqsa, OTV, Falastin Al-Youm, and Al-Haqiqa, Al-Jazeera reportedMORE

Jordan's King took one look at these shenanigans, and proceeded to try to look like he was doing something. Jordanians had been protesting in the streets about rising food prices and wanting more reforms from the elected portion of their gov't. The King has prudently decided to at least look like he was giving in to their demands. Jordan's king sacks cabinet: Monarch asks ex-army general to form new government in the wake of streets protests over prices and reforms.

King Abdullah II of Jordan has sacked his government in the wake of street protests and has asked an ex-army general to form a new cabinet, Jordan's Royal Palace has announced.

King Abdullah's move on Tuesday comes after thousands of Jordanians took to the streets, inspired by anti-government protests in Tunisia and Egypt. Jordanians had been calling for the resignation of prime minister Samir Rifai who is blamed for a rise in fuel and food prices and slowed political reforms.

A Jordanian official said the monarch officially accepted the resignation of Rifai, a wealthy politician and former court adviser, and asked Marouf Bakhit to form a new cabinet.

"[Bakhit] is a former general and briefly ambassador to Israel who has been prime minister before. He's someone who would be seen as a safe pair of hands," Rosemary Hollis, professor of Middle East policy studies at London's City University, said.

"I wouldn't see it as a sign of liberalisation. With his previous premiership, he talked the talk of reform but little actually happened," she said.


And there are rumors that Syria has tried to stop its people from watching whats going on, and that Syrians are planning their own protests.

For the nonce, the most complete list of options for watching and reading this moment in history are in this post on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political
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An interesting follow-up on Aristide's passport. The UK Parliament tabled an Early Day Motion stating:

That this House welcomes the announcement by the government of Haiti that former President Aristide will be issued with a passport and thus able to return from exile in South Africa; deplores the manner in which he was removed from Haiti; and hopes his return will help lead to social justice and democracy for the people.

The motion was put forward by MP Jeremy Corbyn (Labour Party). The Labour Party was in power at the time of the 2004 coup, but the UK hasn't been as big a player in the situation in Haiti (where the U.S., Canada and France have been the primary nations influencing the country.


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