Mar. 5th, 2011

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Bradley Manning could face Death. For what?

Soldier in Leaks Case Was Jailed Naked, Lawyer Says

Soldier in Leaks Case Will Be Made to Sleep Naked Nightly

Sexual Sadist Denise Barnes Strips Bradley Manning Naked Over Sarcastic Quip

How to force a false confession

The serial deceit of Geoff Morrell

Bradley Manning's forced nudity to occur daily

This is after the earlier abusive tactic of placing him on unjustifiable suicide watch two months ago and in the context of his continuing torture by the US army. Apparently the UN said it was investigating four months ago. Not a word on that since. I just...

Dear Obama and company. Is there no fucking depth to which you all will not sink? And seriously? Why the FUCK can't I have a political party that doesn't make me want to fucking VOMIT to vote for? It is PAST FUCKING TIME that we throw BOTH these fuckers out of power, bring them up on charges at the ICC and find some less greedy sadistic bastards to run the damn country. Jesus Christ I AM TIRED OF THIS SHIT.

ETA: Relatedly: Egyptian Activists Expose Torture Tools and Files, Tied to US Renditions

After yesterday’s information that the security forces were shredding secret files in Alexandria leading activists to storm that headquarters and today’s that another secret police hq suspiciously caught on fire – a fire activists point out that they do not want to see since they want the files protected, activists in Cairo took matters into their own hands. As the day went on, protesters converged on AmrDawla – here’s a sampling of reports as the day progressed from blogger Egyptocracy who has been a great source of information over the past weeks. Let’s let her tell the story: MORE

ETA 2 Manning was already under orders to sleep in his boxers


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