Mar. 31st, 2011

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UK Uncut and Saturday’s London Protests

"It wasn't just students involved in this protest. There was a lot of people from all walks of life involved," says Laurie Penny of the New Statesman, who joins us from London to talk abut the newest round of protests led by UK Uncut. Saturday's protests saw crowds in excess of 500,000 and violent clashes with police forces.

Penny joins us from London where she has been observing the protests first-hand to talk about the protests, the media coverage, and what comes next. This segment is concluded with a piece of a new video by The Alternatives entitled "It Cuts Both Ways."

Setting the record straight: Occupying for the Alternative (full length version of Guardian piece)

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Why Fortnum & Mason?

Tax scam

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Cuts protesters claim police tricked them into mass arrest

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Cuts protest: I'm a political prisoner now

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Peaceful occupation and arrest - an account of #ukuncut on #march26 by @magiczenbras Apparently she's the 15 year old referred to in the above post.

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Why I Marched, Why I Occupied

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A Major Win for UK UnCut

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A Day in teh Life ...of An Armchair Protestor

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A message for arrestees at Fortnum and Mason

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