Apr. 9th, 2011

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My brother and my ex-girlfriend sent me links to the same story!
I was both charmed and kinda creeped out by how similarly they thought about what would interest me!
I'm hoping they're not sharing a trans-Atlantic psychic bond I don't know about...

The story they sent me was about the archaeologists who found a "gay caveman" near Prague. I've only managed to find the sensationalist reports, so if any one has an article from an Archaeology blog and/or journal about this issue I'd be very much obliged.
I think it's important that evidence regarding gender variant people in pre and ancient history is important, the fact that a male skeleton was buried in a traditionally feminine pose is significant.
I'm not keen on the anachronism of "gay" and "transsexual" as descriptors for this findings.

Homosexuality as a human category is extremely new, it's hard for us (queer or not) to conceptualise in which sexual behaviour didn't necessarily connote sexual identity - even today, when we try to assert this, it is met with much resistance.

And yet, the category of sexual identity, rather than behaviour is something new, not even 200 years old since the word was first put down in paper back in the 1870's.

So, why this anachronism? Why must we place our own identity markers onto historical moments who most likely did not even consider sexuality in the way we do in our Euro-Centric ideas of universality.

We need to find a way to talk about gender variant people and same-sex relationships that happened before the notion of homosexuality and heterosexuality as identities came to be. That's a lot of history to think about.

Food for thought.

The same way some interpret Jesus as an openly gay man, which to me is simply a queer interpretation of a canonical text, but Jesus as a religious figure can't simply be queered in the way other characters are interpreted in queer and social literary theory.
This, again, is an anachronism, especially if you're going to use Freud, because once to go Freudian you can't really say much any more - if everything is Freudian (especially in the stereotypical, Oedipal triangle one tries to talk about considering Jesus, Mary and Joseph as people, it gets boring, really fast and just adds to the whole sensationalism bit.

Much like the News about Gandhi being bisexual, which was reported quite extensively in Israel due to the fact that his alleged male lover (I say alleged, because I really don't know and I really want to find out!) was a German-Jew muscle-man.

However, Gandhi was a man who lived and died and had an actual impact on people's lives as a non-fictional person, unlike Jesus, who lives in texts and in the hearts of those the idea of him touched and certainly unlike this anonymous cave person who can be a great piece of evidence regarding the fact that gender variance isn't anomalous.

The sexual identity is historical figures and characters is important, because the invisibility and exclusion of queers from history is a thing we feel on our bodies and on our minds. So, yes, it matters if this cave person who is physically male was treated differently in life as he or she were treated in death. And yes, it matters, that interpretations that allow erotic love between Jesus and his followers (who were male and female) not be dismissed as perversions or reduced to Freudian pathology. And yes, it matters if Gandhi was bisexual, because his life influenced a nation and a philosophy people outside of India continue to follow and his sexuality was a part of his life.

Let's not erase lives, histories and ideas - but they should be in perspective as well.
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Want to help out those Russian anti-corruption activists?
As various folks have noted, when you're not a Russian-speaker, or a computer expert, or both, what's the best thing you can do to help out?
Check on your computer, and if necessary, clean up your computer.
Keeping up on your antivirus software and your operating system upgrades is the best way to prevent your computer from joining botnets like the one that are still attacking lj.
Various people on my circle or flist have posted info on the lj infected computer map.
This one came via majoline from cluegirl.


Who says:

Check to make sure your IP is not on this map.


It shows all the comps involved in the DDoS - check to make sure your PC has not been zombified by a virus and is helping.

If you don't know you IP address, go here: http://whatismyipaddress.com/

[Then compare your IP address to the listing of addresses that run off to the left side of that google map. Also, I hate to say this, but it's a very long list, not in numeric order at all. You have to check through the whole thing.]

And if your machine is infected? Run anti-virus software to root it out.

gakked from majoline, here:

signal boost about anti-virus software :D

My Nifty Guide to the ~Best~ Anti-Virus Software!

Several good free tools are by Trend Micro
(their paid items are pretty decent too)

Another good free one is Clam AV
(they also do a pretty good sysadmin tool kit)

Microsoft, surprise surprise, also does a pretty good job of free virus scanning:
It's called Windows Defender

And don't forget to update your computer all the time, Windows users!

Most of the times the Tuesday Updates are routine updates to fix things other people can break.


****A good paid one is F-Prot<-- This is the one I personally use on all of my computers, period. I don't have any other paid recs because this works so very well and your $29 US pays for five(5) computers.


funny pictures history - If you keep letting them in?    I'll refuse to fix your computer.
see more Historic LOL


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