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News sources: Continually Updating

There are a lot of sources of news and so in order to keep track of them all I have set up this post as a sticky at the top of the page. Feel free to rec new sources:

World News Everything that isn't going on in the WTO

Global Post

Global Voices Online Citizen Media Stories from around the world.

IPS News

The Guardian


Al Jazeera

Socialist Global perspective on Muslim Life, Politics and Culture

Latin American News and Analysis

Indigenous With a focus on Chile

VenezuelAnalysis News, Views and Analysis

Upside Down World

The Narco News Bulletin

CIP Americas

African News and Analysis

Pambazuka News

Think Africa Press

Face2face Africa

Labour News Sources

Labour Start

Women News

Code red for gender Justice Caribbean women's rights news and analysis

Trust Law A global hub for free legal assistance and news and analysis on good government and women's rights

Muslimah Media Watch


Australia Broadcasting Corporation


Firstpost via [personal profile] colorblue

Open Magazine


The Hindu

The Times of India

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources Website and Twitter

Media Indigena Website and Twitter

First Nations News

Censored News