Mar. 7th, 2011

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Labor Organizing Jumps in the Wake of Wisconsin.

America’s last living labor reporter for a major newspaper, Steven Greenhouse, gathered a bunch of quotes from labor leaders, eager to turn this moment into a movement. And importantly, they’re working on converting anger and protest into traditional organizing:
At the A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s winter meeting in Washington last week, labor leaders were laying plans to enlist some of the thousands of union members who have protested in Madison; Indianapolis; Columbus, Ohio; and elsewhere to work in the campaign by the Communications Workers of America to unionize 20,000 T-Mobile workers.
Similarly, union leaders want to harness some of this activism as well as the newfound cooperation between private sector and public sector unions to get hundreds of organizers to help unionize 45,000 airport security employees.
And the Service Employees International Union is seeking to channel the spirit and energy of Wisconsin into its immense new campaign in 15 cities, including Chicago, Detroit and Houston, to unionize tens of thousands of low-wage private sector workers as well as to get them to fight foreclosures and budget cuts. Mary Kay Henry, the S.E.I.U.’s president, said she hoped the protests in Wisconsin and Ohio would give a particular lift to her union’s efforts in Milwaukee and Cleveland.

I needed some good news today. BTW, have some labor history Up Against the Open Shop - the Hidden Story of Silicon Valley's High-Tech Workers Warning though: Wisconsin’s Walker Signs Bill Requiring 2/3 Majority for Tax Increases. Californians will tell you that that shitty law is one great factor in fucking them up to hell and back. Wisconsinites need to get on that and repeal it, or they are going to be in big trouble. In the meantime though Wisconsin Update: Thousands Rally Again as Talks Between Parties Stall.

ETA1: I cannot explain to you how amused I will be if this happens next week Thousands Of Farmers To Descend On WI Capitol With Their Tractors.


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