Apr. 6th, 2011

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Content includes racial slurs.

Ignorance and Slurs: Indigenous Election Coverage

The ignorance is quite literal. Entire election campaigns go by where the media mostly ignores First Nations, Inuit or Métis peoples. Take clean water for example.  Trouble with the water supply in Walkerton received media prominence for weeks and was seen as a key reason the Mike Harris government was defeated in Ontario, while decades of bad water on dozens of First Nation reserves is mentioned only as context to a lobbying scandal involving a former Harper aide. Despite deep poverty and longstanding democratic, legal and human rights grievances, there is nary a word on the nightly news of what parties would do about it.

What does garner the occasional news story in every election is racist commentary by candidates.


And as the CBC reports today, Liberal candidate André Forbes is under fire for referring to the Innu of Quebec as “featherheads” among other slurs. Mr. Forbes history as leader of L’Association des Droits des Blancs is apparently also “under investigation” by the Liberal leadership.

My French 101 translates that as "The Association for the Rights of Whites", but please note that I am lousy at French.


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