Mar. 12th, 2011

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Sadly, it seems the original version of this is no longer available online.

Tories take a pass on poverty report

Heather Scoffield
The Toronto Star , Mar. 8, 2011

The federal government has no plans to act on an exhaustive House of Commons
plan to fight poverty.

The Commons human resources committee took three years to compile 58
recommendations that would have given Ottawa a key role in efforts to help
the poor.

The report calls for a new federal transfer payment to complement provincial
anti-poverty programs. It also pushes for a national housing strategy.

But in her formal response to the report, Human Resources Minister Diane
Finley says Ottawa is already doing what it takes to fight poverty.

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I know I feel better knowing that a lot of resources were put into creating this report and now they've decided to ignore it. And I'm sure that the Canadians living in poverty right now appreciate their government's support.

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Japan Orders Evacuation Near 2nd Nuclear Plant

WASHINGTON — Japanese officials issued broad evacuation orders on Saturday for people living near two nuclear power plants whose cooling systems broke down as a result of the earthquake. The officials warned that small amounts of radioactive material were likely to leak from the plants.

The power plants, known as Daiichi and Daini and operated by Tokyo Electric Power, experienced critical failures of the cooling systems after the plants were shut down, as they were during the quake.

About 45,000 people were affected by the evacuation order at the Daiichi plant, where those living within a six-mile radius were told to leave. The evacuation of the second plant was for a one-mile radius because “there is no sign that radiation has been emitted outside,” an official said.MORE

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